Tory minister refuses to back mum’s call for blind ban.

DEFIANT mum Amanda O’Halloran has vowed not to be deterred in her campaign to outlaw loop cord blinds – despite a Government minister saying there were “no plans” to adopt a ban.

The 22-year-old, from Tirley, launched the campaign Sophia’s Cause after her 17-month-old daughter Sophia died by strangling herself with the cord of the window blind in the lounge.
Sophia Parslow

Sophia Parslow


She had been left playing downstairs for a few short minutes when the incident took place.

Amanda and her partner Chris Parslow want all cord blinds to be banned in homes across the UK to prevent any similar tragedies.

After writing to her MP Mark Harper asking what could be done to ban loose cord blinds, the issue was escalated to ministerial level.

But she was disappointed when Michael Fallon, Minister for Business and Enterprise, wrote back to Mr Harper saying there were “no plans to instigate a specific sales ban” on blinds with cords, claiming there were already rigorous safety regulations in place.

Amanda, who grew up in Cheltenham, admitted it was not the response she wanted, but pledged not to let it affect her resolve. She has already gathered 3,000 signatures for her online petition and needs 100,000 to force a Parliamentary debate on the issue.

She said: “Other governments have banned these blinds so why hasn’t the UK followed? I won’t stop until my voice is heard. This is for my beautiful daughter Sophia and every child in the UK.”

Sophia’s death on June 27 was believed to be the 15th UK death linked to this design of window blind since 2010.

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood called for a full debate on the issue.

“We need to start discussing this more seriously in parliament,” he said. “Perhaps an early day motion could be tabled or a meeting requested with Michael Fallon.”

To sign the petition go to and for more information go to the Sophia’s Cause Facebook page.

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