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Montgomery Tomlinson Limited

It is very bad news to hear that Montgomery Tomlinson Limited has gone into receivership.  This company was started in 1928.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, MD of Deva blinds Ltd said “I am very sorry to hear that a company that has been trading for so many years has gone into receivership.  It will be a great shock to over 500 people that were employed by them.”

“I think it goes to prove that if you do not move with the times, your business will not be there.  Blinds have taken over from curtains and as a business you can not rest on your laurels.”

“At Deva blinds we do 90% blinds now and 10% curtains, things getting busier and busier.”


Deva blinds have a new fitter.

We are pleased to announce that Graham has joined us a new fitter to enhance the fitting of blinds, shutters and also curtains.

Graham used to work for a retail chain fitting blinds and curtains, so he brings a good set of skills.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said, “Graham is a very customer focused person, who will get the job done. He understands that getting the job done first time with the minimum amount of disruption is what the customers of Deva blinds want.”

“I am very pleased that Graham is onboard and he will help the growth of Deva blinds.”

Deva blinds continue to grow by offering customers quality blinds, shutters and curtains at a sensible price.  No 50% off sales that never end or 4 blinds for £99 that are only available in lime green.

Book on line or call 24/7 08007720465

Deva blinds to manufacture blinds

Deva blinds manufacturing

After previously buying blinds from various factories, Deva blinds is about to start manufacturing its customers blinds.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said “It is often very frustrating dealing with different suppliers, delivery dates are often missed, quality varies between suppliers and often certain components are not suitable in a product range.”

“I recently started using a new supplier for my roller blinds.  The fabrics were lovely and my first customer commented on how modern and “designer” they were.  I was pleased and looked forward to fitting them for her.  When the blinds arrived, the fabrics looked lovely, but were let down by inferior fittings.  By manufacturing our blinds ourselves, we will be able to use the designer fabrics, but source quality fittings and produce the kind of blind that our customers expect.”

“By manufacturing ourselves not only will we be able to use the best fabrics and fittings, but we will also be able to update things quickly.”

“We will also be in greater charge of lead times, which will result in a better service to our customers.”

“Deva blinds will also offer blinds to the trade, offering quality blinds at a sensible price.”

Manufacturing will be headed by May Pollard-Fraser




Deva blinds celebrates 10 years for WordPress

Congratulations to WordPress for reaching your 10th birthday.

Deva blinds Ltd owner, Paul Pollard-Fraser said “I wish all the contributers and people involved with WordPress a very happy birthday.  The open source platform has enabled may thousands of businesses to thrive.”

“Deva blinds Ltd now has over 70 websites running on WordPress.  This platform is so easy to use, it has enabled me to grow my business with great ease.”

“I am so grateful for WordPress, it helps me produce great websites.”

Proudly powered by WordPress

Deva blinds are a major supplier of blinds and shutters.

After a meeting with my main supplier this week, I was told that I am now one of their biggest accounts.

It is good to hear how Deva blinds are doing against our competitors .

“I will come and see my customers when they want me to see them and most times I am able to see them the next day.  I give them a fixed time and am more than often on time.  Simple things that customers want that make Deva blinds a great success.  Unfortunately most of my competitors do not offer this, I often hear  horror stories.” said Paul Pollard-Fraser, MD of Deva blinds Limited.

“My business model is simple, be honest, turn up when you say you will and return when you say you will. It’s not rocket science.”

Deva blinds is run by Paul Pollard-Fraser, he answers the phone, comes to see you and advises on blinds and shutters and will then return and fit your order.  That way he can ensure that you get the service that you expect.

Deva blinds is run on the internet and you can book online if you want to.  Many testimonials are posted and you can see real fits on Twitpic.

Deva blinds supply great blinds, shutter and curtains at a sensible price and do it properly, please contact me.


Paul Pollard-Fraser – Deva Blinds Ltd  devablinds.co.uk   07513 031602


Decora become a major partner and supplier to Deva blinds.

Decora blinds


Being an independant company Deva blinds is always meeting with different suppliers looking for the best solutions for their customers.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds Ltd said “I am always looking for suppliers that offer the fabrics that my customers want at the right price.  It is a juggling act and I am constantly looking around at what my suppliers have to offer.”

Decora are a blind manufacturing company  that seem innovative in both design and product but at the right price.  This echoes Deva blinds core belief and marketing tag “Quality blinds, shutters and curtains at a sensible price.”

“I am looking forward to incorporating Decora’s ranges of roller, vertical, venetian and shutters within my portfolio.  They seem a modern, forward thinking company that echo my company ethos” said Pollard-Fraser.

Over time the websites will see more of Decora’s blinds, but in the meantime please have a look at what is on offer here.






Deva blinds will offer Luxaflex – Twist™ Roller Blinds

luxaflex twist roller blinds



Deva blinds are pleased to announce that  we will be offering out customers Twist Roller blinds from Luxaflex.

“These are great blinds, they offer you the privacy blinds of a roller blind, but you are also able to open them without totally rolling them up and can give you diffused light but with privacy.  Twist roller blinds are a modern alternative the traditional venetian blind, but without the burden of the dust traps of the tranditional venetian blind” says Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds.

“These blinds are totally new and a great alternative to venetian blinds, I can see the end of the aluminium venetian blind.”

Luxaflex twist roller blinds

Deva blinds increase business by 310%

Deva blinds Ltd has just posted staggering growth, 310%.

“I have done this by increasing the number of websites that I run, the internet is everything now.”says Paul Pollard-Fraser, MD of Deva blinds.

“I now have over 50 websites that cover the North West of England, including Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and the North Wales.   I have to drive a bit more now, but it keeps me busy all the time.”

“There is a market for people that offer a decent product at a sensible price, I will not offer cheap rubbish, my customers want the same.  Just look at my testimonial section here.

If you want nice blinds and shutters and don’t want to pay over the earth please give me a call.