Deva blinds becomes a plumbing company ?

Sep 22, 2012 by viv saunders

what can we say – Paul returned my initial call within 5 minutes, arrived to give us a quote same evening – blinds were fitted within a week!
Plus….going the extra mile – the boiler in our brand new flat had sprung a leak – all over the carpet – Paul gave invaluable help, advice and support during what could have been a traumatic experience – instead his calm reassurance (and a handy torch!) made us safe.
The workmen came next day and fixed the leak – so thanks Paul.

Another – How to clean your blinds video.

There are many ways to keep your blinds clean.

Watch this video for more ideas on how to keep your blinds clean.

Or – you could buy new blinds.

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The jet wash way to clean your blinds

Handle with care, but it also works!

Only for the skilled jet wash user though.

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Blinds help to keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills.

autumnThe time of year has hit us again, Autumn.  It is sunny and warm for some time and then the chill hits.

Blinds that cover your windows will save you a minimum 25% off your heating costs.  Not only is this good for your pocket but it also is good for the planet.

Paul Pollard-Fraser from Deva blinds says “I live in a modern apartment in the middle of Chester and I have a roller blind over my patio doors.  In the winter I can feel the cold air when I open my blinds in the morning.  It is another thermal barrier against the cold.”

If you want to keep warm this winter think about using blinds to cover your windows.

A good example is the blocOut blind, please look at the various options here.

Keep warm this winter and dress your windows with blinds, they don’t cost the earth, but will help save it.

Washing vertical blinds

I am often asked how to wash vertical blinds and most of the time all I say is that I don’t know, I only see new blinds or blinds that have been wrecked in the washing machine that need replacing.

I have come across this video that might give you all the advice that you need.

I have not tried to wash a blind in my life, so no guarantees.

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Cleaning a venetian blind.

I have experience here and do exactly as the lady says, sorry about the advert but worth a watch.

The easy way to clean aluminium venetian blinds.