Gone are the days that motorised blinds needed wires. Battery powered and controlled by remotes.

Battery Powered

High quality lithium batteries that will last a staggering 6-8 months on a single charge.

Timer Option

Set your blinds to open at certain times, automatically. Great for home security while on holiday.


We’re so confident about our blinds, we guarantee them for 3 years with a free service call if you have any problems.

Pure Luxury

Embrace high tech living with our superior motorised blinds. Our motorised technology gives a unbeatable feeling of comfort, style and luxury. With wireless remotes and battery operated, super quite motors our motorised blinds will effortlessly take your living space to the next level in innovation.


All of our motorised blinds contain a high quality lithium battery. They will last between 8-12 months on a single charge, so you really can just forget about them once they are up. When the blinds let you know that they need charging, simply plugin the charger into your motor.   You don’t even need to take the blinds down.  We even have a solar charging option, ideal for a hard to reach blind or for people with limited mobility.

Timed Options

Having motorised blinds enables you to benefit for a number of other options as well. We can provide you with a timing control so that you can set your blinds to open and shut at different times of the day. The blinds will continue to operate until the batteries need charging again, so it is also great for an extra security measure while you are away from your home.

Completely Child Safe

As these blinds do not having any hanging cords, they are 100% child safe. Children can not tangle themselves up in the cords and potentially cause harm. With the availability of our child themed fabrics, they really would be a welcomed addition to any playroom or bedroom.

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Innovative yet affordable contemporary technology for the modern home and office. One Touch™ technology helps us to think differently about how we add shade at our windows. Without getting up from your seat, you can filter the daylight, increase your privacy and let daylight in, all at the push of a button. Download the brochure to find out more.

Motorised – Instruction Manuals and Video

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