Dressing oddly shaped or large windows


If constructing or buying a house, one of the biggest decor headaches can be dressing your windows, especially since they come in all shapes and sizes. Well nowadays, this should not be a problem. A variety of solutions exist for any window type or shape. From a range of blinds, to shutters or curtains, no window is too large or too complex to get a proper cover.

Venetian blinds

These control the amount of light entering a room. Through changing the angle of the lamellaes, you can control the direction of the sunlight to create a unique atmosphere. Other than being a decorative and heat control element, these blinds also protects the room from overheating. They are ideal for roof windows.

Roller blinds

  • The standard ARS roller blind offers protection from sunlight and can also be an element of decoration in the attic. The ARS roller blind reduces the amount of incoming light, adds style to the room, and the wide range of fabric designs (plain, patterned) allows you to match or contrast the blind’s material with the decor of a room. This blind is made up of material on a roller with the spring. It has an elegant aluminium fascia which hides the roller. Three pairs of fastenings installed on the sash allow the blind to be fixed in different positions.
  • ARP roller blind : It has similar characteristics as the ARS roller blind, the only difference being that the latter has three different fixing positions.
  • ARF roller blind: gives a room a total blackout such that the inside of a room appears as if it is night time even during the day. Unlike the other blinders, they have side runners which give the room a complete interior blackout. It prevents heat loss in the winter and protects against UV radiation during sunny days.

Pleated blinds

They provide a soft diffused light into the room. You can lock this blind in any position.

Roller shutters

These are the best for those seeking a window cover that will offer extra benefits. The roller shutter protects from overheating, gives the room complete shading and the best bit about it is that it also locks out noise from outside hence keeping the room serene.

Ovation cellular slider

This cover is ideal for wide windows, over doors, wide windows and room dividers. It comes in a variety of stacking options that work for any window and room. It is child-proof, hence safer because it has no cords or wands that are exposed.

Specialty shutters

With more sophisticated house designs, comes windows of various shapes. Shutters are no longer just built in rectangular or square shape. Manufacturers have responded to market needs with new shapes of shutters such as octagon, rake, circle, eyebrow and arch, to ensure that all types of windows can get a matching shutter. If your window is shaped like a half moon or an eyebrow, arched window shutters will give these windows a streamlined look.

Window arch shades

Arched windows are stylish and give a room an elegant appearance. However, dressing them with a curtain can be very difficult. Enter the window arches which are made either from wood or faux wood. You can also choose a stationary, moveable, or top down/bottom up option to customise window arch to your needs. Installation is easy: no drill, no screws, no brackets – just peel and stick.


Lastly, however odd-shaped or large a window is, interior designers and curtain makers are very experienced in creating customised window dressings for the most awkward shapesand styles. There may be several options – and combinations of treatments – that will work, and your designer should be able to draw up a few examples for you to consider.

Control rods

These are not a window dressing accessory but will help you manage a cover, especially if its a dressing that has to be managed manually. These rods are used for opening windows that are out of reach and can also double up as hooks for opening and closing the shutters, blinds etc that are above normal level.




Homebase recall blind after child safety fears

One of the blinds being recalled by Homebase.


Homebase customers have been warned of a potential safety issue on a model of Bamboo Roll Up Blinds.

The company have stressed that there have been no incidents reported, but the pull cord breakaways on the blinds are too strongly locked, which could pose a risk of strangulation to young children as the force required to break the safety device may be too great.

As a precautionary measure, Homebase advise customers to call for a free replacement breakaway device and instructions if they have a product purchased after June 1 2014.

Alternatively customers can return the blind to their nearest Homebase store for a full refund – no proof of purchase is necessary.

A Homebase spokesperson said: “The safety of products sold through Homebase is of paramount importance to us and we are working closely with Trading Standards.

“We are offering customers a replacement breakaway device with instructions on how to fit the device correctly, which should only take a few minutes. Customers have also been advised to stop using the blind or ensure that children are kept clear of the blind until they have fitted the replacement device.

“Replacement breakaway devices can be ordered free of charge by visiting our Spares Website (http://clickspares.co.uk/blind), where instructions on how to fit the new device are available to download.

“Homebase Customer Service Teams will also be happy to assist with any additional queries.”

Homebase UK Customers – 0345 077 8888

Homebase Republic of Ireland Customers – 0044 345 077 8888

* The blinds affected are: Homebase Article Number Description

273756 HB Brown Bamboo Roll Up Blind 60cm

273757 HB Brown Bamboo Roll Up Blind 90cm

273759 HB Brown Bamboo Roll Up Blind 120cm

273760 HB Brown Bamboo Roll Up Blind 180cm

273762 HB Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind 60cm

273763 HB Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind 90cm

273764 HB Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind 120cm

273765 HB Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind 180cm

Read more: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/trending/homebase-recall-blind-after-child-safety-fears-1-7736298#ixzz40YbrwPQr