Deva blinds join the “Make it safe” campaign

With the immanent ratification of BS EN 13120 where it will be mandatory for manufacturers and installers in the blinds industry to provide child safe blinds, Deva blinds have decided to join the “Make it Safe” campaign run by the British Blinds and Shutters Association.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said, “We have always taken child safety seriously when we fit blinds.  The new European legislation, BS EN 13120, is about to come become law.  By joining the “Make it safe” campaign run by the BBSA we will remain up to date with the legislation.”

“I am keen wherever possible to manufacture our blinds that do not pose a risk to young children and as such we no longer make vertical blinds with looped cords.  Our vertical blinds are now controlled by a wand, which is 100% child safe.”

“I installed a Roman blind made by one of our out sourced suppliers today.  The blind had a contentious looped cord and they had supplied a “P” clip that could not be attached to the cord.  As much use as a chocolate tea pot!.  The whole industry needs to get very serious about child safety.”



Make it safe



Paul Pollard-Fraser – Deva Blinds Ltd