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Manufacturing of wooden blinds is about to start.

Deva Blinds Limited had placed it’s first order for wooden blinds.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds Limited said “It is great to be in total control of the manufacture of our wooden venetian blinds for our customers.  I now know that I will be able to fit exactly what I order, it will be a great relief.  Not only will I be able to get the exact blinds that I want, but I will also be able to control when I get my blinds.”

“By manufacturing our own blinds we will be able to give a better service to our customers.”

“With my wife, May running the wooden blinds section, I can give her a call and ask her “Where are my blinds!”  Hopefully she will not give me the run around I used to get from previous suppliers.”

“I think that this is the way forward, I will also offer blinds to the trade as I know what I want as a fitter and believe that I can offer trade blinds that are easy to unpack and fit.”

Deva blinds Limited move forward again.