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Rod’s ultrasonic clean keeps blinds shining for years




amzingnaTO WORK in Rod Chisholm’s niche field, you have to be a problem solver.

Mr Chisholm first began working for blind cleaning and repair company Amazing Clean 20 years ago, before leaving to work for himself.

He came back part-time to “help out”, and has ended up owning the business for the past three years.

Mr Chisholm said despite the specific focus of the business, which repairs, ultrasonically cleans and replaces blinds, the intricacies of different jobs ensured he never became bored.

“There are some challenges out there, especially when you get the real old blinds, you have to manufacture the parts yourself because there’s no place to order them,” he said.

“We have an absolute mountain of parts out here for old blinds.

“In peak times you’re absolutely flat out, we’ll do two house lots in a day. It does get full on at times, especially before Christmas.”

Amazing Clean’s equipment uses sound waves to clean the blinds, which Mr Chisholm said had the benefits of cleaning quickly and finishing them static-free, which reduces dust.

He said in a world with a throw away consumer culture, he still encouraged people to get the full usage from their blinds.

“Ninety per cent of the time, I would say that most blinds are recyclable, I suppose is the word,” Mr Chisholm said.

“For verticals, you’ve got at least 20 years’ life in them, venetians even more than that. Some have been on the windows for 40 years and we’re still cleaning them.

“Most of the stuff which was manufactured about five to 10 years ago is of good quality.

“Most of my new blinds are manufactured here in Queensland.”

Mr Chisholm said after 20 years working in the field, he no longer gets stressed about the normal ups and downs of business ownership.

“My plan is to just keep doing what I’m doing,” he said.