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Deva blinds day 2014

Others think it is Valentines day, but we prefer to remember today as the anniversary of the launch of devablinds.co.uk.

Yet again we have grown hugely.  Last year we bought all our blinds from other manufacturers, now we manufacture 99% of our blinds in our factory in Chester.

It has been a hard time and growth shows many problems that need solving.  Things are running well now and we are producing our blinds quickly and well made.

I thank both our major suppliers, Decora blinds, Louvolite blinds, bloc blinds, santafe shutters and others but more importantly the customers of Deva blinds.

The most important part of any company is the staff that work for it.  We have been lucky and we employ a very dedicated and committed team.

The year ahead shows very exciting times, the diary is always full.

My wife May runs the factory and tells me that it is not only Deva blinds day, but also Valentines day, I did buy her flowers and chocolates!

Happy Valentines day.