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Bloc blinds have done the maths.

Bloc Blinds has a BBA certificate to prove the insulation properties of its blinds, making them even more attractive to specifiers, writes Charlie Mainwaring. Bloc Blinds, the UK designer and manufacturer of simple, clever and innovative blinds, is ensuring that its product offering is targeted to all decision-makers including those that have the ability to specify their products at the initial stages of the planning process.

Architects, specifiers and developers are all increasingly trying to ensure their buildings meet the necessary green regulations and at Bloc we understand the need to make our products accountable to the standards set within the industry. The subject of thermal blinds has become very important over recent years as heating costs have increased and blinds companies are focusing on the power of this factor in promoting blinds.

In short, all blinds types are thermal blinds and all blinds will help reduce heat loss to a certain extent, but where the subject starts to be confusing is when the customer asks, ”How much will I save?”. The answer to this question is almost impossible to give, as each project would need to be analysed in detail to assess the heating input, the cost of fuel, the heating cycle and dozens of other structural factors that determine heat loss.

BlocOut blinds offer the highest thermal performance of all Bloc’s blinds by technically sealing off warm indoor air from the cold surfaces inside the window recess. This is only made possible by the presence of the side channels and the rubber gasket seal which runs along the bottom of the handle. Brush seals built into the side channels  further reduce airflow around the fabric.

To architects, specifiers and developers, all elements need to be measured and quantified and at Bloc we are the only blind system that can provide a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate proving its insulation properties. This helps our products to be specified at the outset of the project as values for heat loss can be calculated in the overall performance of the window cavity.

The BBA certificate provided against the performance of the BlocOut range has shown heat loss reductions of up to 43% on single-glazed windows, 33% on double-glazed windows and 12% on triple-glazed windows. This system also has the benefit of being total blackout, and so has the sales advantage of being top of its class in both the summer and winter seasons. Manual and automated control systems are available across the range as well as child-friendly design features.

At Bloc we believe we are innovators in this industry and are constantly looking at ways in which we can challenge the norms within it. Our sales and marketing team is now dedicated to working alongside architects and developers in ensuring that our products are accountable and on budget. As we develop our relationship with architects and designers we are ensuring that we are doing everything we can to maximise our impact within the industry from the ground up.

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