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Spring has sprung



One of the most definitive and exciting signs of spring is when we are popping freshly cut daffodils into our favourite vase and positioning right in the centre of our table.  An instant pop of colour giving a fresh and renewed look after a long dark winter.

If we were to define the “spring theme” in interiors it could mean a whole manner of things from spring cleaning, to sprucing up to adding new and exciting additions to our interior scheme, bright and bold tropical prints to  whimsical meadow florals in pastel tones giving the romantic notion that dreamy summer days are just around the corner.

This spring in interiors we are favouring florals in a delicate yet colourful form, watercolour prints to intricate hand drawn flowers and foliage underplayed in a sweet romantic notion of vintage chintz whilst in fashion it’s an entirely bolder story.

Bold floral prints made a return yet again this catwalk season with designers taking more liberties with this aesthetic. From abstract and oversized 60’s-inspired retro prints to romantic lace and embroidered rosettes, flowers and foliage were seen parading down the runways during Paris, New York, and Milan fashion weeks. A myriad of designers incorporated this look into their collections, including Dolce & Gabbana’s delicate and feminine flowers, Oscar de la Renta’s ostentatious appliques, and Alberto Ferretti’s European-inspired folk floral prints. Subdued pastel washes and garden motifs were ubiquitous; with all designers utilizing this trend with gauzy petal appliques and silk floral pantsuits.

The iconic floral pattern also came in a wash of vibrant hues, as some designers kept their dresses in louder, solid tones to complement spring’s budding colour palette.

These aren’t your grandmother’s antiquated floral prints.

While this luxurious trend has been in “full bloom” for several years, we can’t say we’re disappointed to see it again, it gives us all an opportunity to embrace our feminine side. Whether you choose to don a retro silk cocktail dress with delicate floral embroidery or garden-printed cigarette pants, this iconic print is a seasonal favourite.

Although the infamous character Miranda Priestley of The Devil Wears Prada retorted sarcastically, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking,” (and we love her for it), it’s clear this classic and uber-feminine look in all its form is here to stay. And we’re blooming with happiness about that.

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