Deva blinds to enhance IT use

Deva blinds - Blind Matrix

Deva blinds Ltd has today agreed to use the services of Blind Matrix to greatly enhance its IT systems.

Deva blinds Ltd has grown to such a size that the need for  IT based solutions has become paramount.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds Ltd said ” Due to the huge growth of Deva blinds, both in terms of the number of orders that we process and the area that we cover, we needed an IT system that can help us manage our customers and orders.”

Blinds Matrix seems to know what blinds companies need and are able to offer a great database driven solution.”

“Instead of having to search through paper orders, we can now search online for customers and answer their queries.”

” We will be using the cloud, so all information will be available everywhere, even on an iPad in a customer’s house.”

“This is a big investment and a big step for Deva blinds, but I know it will be pay dividends both in customer service and a reduction in admin costs.”