Deva blinds launch blackout roller blinds in a cassette.


Deva blinds are pleased to launch our new product a blackout roller blind within a cassette.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva Blinds said, “Before we offered blackout roller blinds in the recess and light crept round the gaps.  It was all we had then and not very satisfactory.  We are now able to offer our customers a cassetted version that lets very little light through.”

“We launched our low cost motorised blinds early in 2015 and they have proved a huge success.  The video above shows you a sample of a cassetted blackout roller blind being operated by a rechargeable battery operated motor.  There are no wires or trailing cords and they are completely child and pet safe.  A single 8 hour plug in charge lasts between 6 and 8 months or we also do a mains powered option.”

“With British Summer time starting tomorrow, the phones will be ringing next week with mother’s of small children wanting to darken their child’s bedroom.  Our blackout roller blinds will certainly fit the bill.”